Thursday, February 13, 2020

Hello friends,
I am excited to announce the illustrations have been completed and my new book is in the final editing phase. Soon it will be off to the publisher for printing!
If you love pets, especially kittens, you will love this new story!

'Nana's Precious Kittens'  is about a woman who raises her beloved cat Precious for many years. One cold autumn day her loving companion finds herself delivering a litter of beautiful kittens outside in the rain. The story gets interesting as the kittens wonder off and find themselves lost, hungry and cold. Their adventure takes a turn when they meet an alley cat who shows them the ropes of surviving out in the world on their own. Meanwhile, Nana and her friends are searching their town for her precious kittens. Find out what mischief these adorable little kittens get into and how it all ends by reading the full story. I think you will enjoy the beautiful illustrations created by the talented illustrator Kimberly Thompson.

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Until next time, keep following fun adventures through reading!
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Diana DelRusso 

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