Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Holiday Reading

With the Holiday Season fast approaching, I am reminded of all the many classic story books that our generation read as children. A few of my favorites were Heidi, The Swiss Family Robinson, Tom Sawyer and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory just to name a few. Of course there are thousands of great titles written by amazing story tellers! With the continued growth of the inter net, we have no reason not to find that perfect book for every child in our lives! Even though most children wish for the latest electronic devise or game, I bet they would take a few minutes to flip through the pages of a wonderful old story with you! Especially if you pass down one of your old favorites! So my holiday gift to you this season is a challenge. I challenge every adult who reads this blog post to pass on one of their old favorite stories to that special child in your life this Christmas!! Maybe you will even start a new holiday tradition? Oh and don't forget to check out my books too. They may not be old classics yet but one day maybe?? Thanks for stopping by and Happy Reading!!!!